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Meet Galina


My professional experience of almost 30 years spans multiple careers, including international corporate legal counsel, IT consultancy and real estate investing.


I started my career practicing International Maritime and Admiralty Law including vessels and cargo arrests, charter disputes, cargo claims, sale, purchase, financing of fishing vessels, arbitration, commercial disputes, mediation, and litigation. 


In addition to JD, I also hold an engineering degree and have worked for various IT companies in the Seattle area after I stopped practicing law. 


I hold a plethora of certifications in many coaching methodologies, mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution.  

Emulating somebody else is exhausting, counterproductive and will not lead to lasting success. Make a Change Today!


Work With ME

I can help your change your relationship with conflict and effectively deal with ‘difficult’ people through exploring your own leadership style, its strengths, and weaknesses. I will help you make sense of leadership styles of others, so you can understand the whys behind their behavior, and influence their decisions without manipulation but with grace and confidence.


I am certified in the unique method of stakeholder centered coaching, which is a system that guarantees measurable improvements over time in perception of your capabilities held by people, whose opinion of you is a key factor in your ability to move up in your career, for example, your boss and/or your co-workers.  The system helps professionals to gain recognition and reward for their efforts, providing them with confidence and tools to rise in their chosen career field.


I am especially passionate about helping women in male dominated industries to break through the barriers that are holding them back and to rise to the next level on the path of their choosing.


Get in touch to break through the barriers that are holding you back!

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Have a plan !
Keep rising !

‘A goal without a plan

is just a wish.’

Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

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Learn about the communication habits that people get trapped into, which end up minimizing ourselves, our presence and our contribution.


Discover what particular words and phrases to avoid, and what to replace them with in order to clearly present your message with strength and intent, so you are recognised as a leader and someone who can be trusted.


Find the roots and reasoning behind loss of motivation, and find the tools that will uniquely work for you to motivate yourself and to change bad habits that prevent you from moving forward

The only constant is change

Galina Herbst

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