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One - On - One Virtual strategy session

If you are working towards a substantial goal and wish to move forward effectively without wasting your time on trial and error, this virtual strategy session is the ideal place to start. 


Our first step will be to take several of my proprietary assessments to identify: your best strengths, your communication and leadership styles, and the habits that are holding you back.  After reviewing and analyzing your results, we will identify your top goals and ideal outcomes from the session.  We will work together in an intensive 1-1 virtual session to develop a precise, step-by-step action plan for the next 6 months. I will share my best insights to help provide clarity on where to start and how to refocus your efforts to achieve the best results possible. We will focus on building on your existing strengths and keeping your authenticity while only changing the habits that are keeping you stuck. I will never ask you to become someone else in the process. The reason self-help books do not work is because emulating somebody else is exhausting, counterproductive and does not lead to lasting success.

If you think you would benefit from an intensive 1-1 session where you can develop a clear path to amplify your strengths, and take yourself to the next level professionally, then this is the option for you.

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If you think you will benefit from deeper engagement and additional help with identifying the direction of your path in an ever-changing environment, along with hands-on guidance to dramatically accelerate your progress, you should take advantage of my Six-Months Coaching Program. 


This includes an initial strategy session as well as a one-hour long session twice a month where we will debrief and discuss any issues that may have arisen along the way. We will continuously reprioritize and refine your action plan. I will use my expertise to oversee you through impediments and adversity. You will benefit from strategic guidance, accountability, and encouragement along the way.  


My Twelve-Months Coaching Program in addition to everything included in my Six-Months Coaching Program provides you with unlimited access to my workshops on:

  • How to create/improve your business processes to become more effective without getting overwhelmed, 

  • How to change habits sustainably,

  • How to motivate yourself and others,

  • How to change your relationship with conflict, 

  • How to mentor others through conflict and change.

You can also use the materials for training your team(s).

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6 Months Coaching

Six to Twelve Months Stakeholders Centered Coaching Engagement
(Suitable for Corporate and Individual clients)

Through incorporating stakeholder feedback and data, we can clearly identify the impediments that are holding you back in your career, and help you achieve measurable improvement in your leadership skills, resulting in change of perception of individuals whose opinion of you matters the most.[GH1] 


Two fascinating conclusions have been drawn from the statistical analysis of this stakeholder-submitted data process.  While most stakeholders reported ≥ +1 growth in the leader by month six, 100% of leaders coached had grown by an average of +1.28 to +2.8 by month 12.  Even more interesting, the leaders' scores at month 12 were 41% higher than at month 6 on average. If you think you will benefit from a data driven process with high accountability, this is the program for you.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching
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This type of engagement will focus specifically on coaching for women functioning in male dominated industries (legal, public accounting, astrophysics, space & aviation, military, automotive, maritime, oil & gas). 


The coaching revolves around identifying and removing the impediments in your career that are keeping you stuck where you are, preventing you from rising to achieve your career ambitions. 


You will discover communication habits that women get trapped into, such as minimizing ourselves, our presence, and our contribution. We will discuss the different ways that men and women navigate the working environment, including communication, management styles and the ways we engage with others. I will teach you particular words and phrases to avoid, and what to replace them with to clearly present your message with strength and intent, so you are recognized as a leader and someone who can be trusted. 


We will also collaborate on topics of personal and professional growth, transitioning to a new career and developing executive presence.


You will acquire tools to motivate yourself through exploring and appreciating your unique gifts, to changing habits that keep you stuck where you are at and prevent you from moving forward.

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Women's Coaching
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